Kirstie Alyx
"Everyone hates Jenny Craig. 9.5/10!"
- Strong_Bad, PHWonline

An Anders! Birthday Special
"Lol, that was way too funny!"
- Raven-DK, PHWonline

Brand New Movie Trailer
"That was awesome, very clever"
- Ve1ocity, PHWonline

1337H4X! - A Thank You Comic
"Lol, nice comic."
- M1Garand8, PHWonline

The Teaser
Haha that was good."
- Ve1ocity, PHWonline

Citizens Saturday
Neat and Funny. So its all good"
- Spac, PHWonline

One Way Conversations
"The comic made me laugh, good job!"
- Buja, HDcomics

The Crate
"Made me smile."
- Bio-cow, HDcomics

"I love those "normal" comics"
- Shamrock, HDcomics

A Word from our Sponsors
- Aveil, HDcomics

Supadave Birthday Comic
"Needs more Rape and Murder"
- Demeskus, HDcomics

Happy Birthday Happydevil
A great birthday comic made for me by Bio-Cow.
Thanks Bio-Cow!

HD's Birthday Bash
A great birthday comic made for me by Andres.
Thanks Andres, you'll always be a great friend.

Happy Birthday O'Maley
"HAHA! Best birthday present ever. Thanks HD"
- O'Maley, HDcomics

Get Off My Steps
Selected as Comic of the Week
- Clover, PHWonline

The Citizen Stories
An editing test

This Birthday Comic is Near Elite
"That was brilliant"
- Jaden_Korr, PHWonline

"lol, pwn't!...oh wait?"
- Marco Maglic, PHWonline

A PHW Single Comic - Spam...
"Hehe, nice comic."
- Marden, PHWonline

Still Not Satisfied?
"Funny stuff there."
- Nemi, PHWonline

Jeff #22 - The Interview - Remake
A remake of Jeff Eastman's comic
The PHW Time Machine Challenge
We'll See About That!
A tribute to Lode's comic: "Hey Mister"
The PHW Time Machine Challenge