*NOTE* It is recommended since many of these comics are linked together that you read them in order
"Brad & Phil's Extreme Office Games" Series - a six part extravaganza of office mayhem and hilarity.  This series was rated 5 stars at both PHWonline and Facepunch Studios by hundreds of readers.
Mrs Hernandez made her debut in "Brad & Phil's Extreme Office Games: Final Jeopardy".  She is a Contract Cleaning Machine who loves to see a tidy office and wants to keep it that way.
Since Brad & Phil got sacked from the office, they have had to find something else to fill their time.  Follow them both as Phil transforms into "Happydevil".  This comic starts right where "Mrs Hernandez" left off.
A set of stand-alone funny comics, including the classics, "Citizens Saturday", "Brand New Movie Trailer" and "An Anders' Birthday Special".
Charlie was the first character I ever made into a comic using Garry's Mod.  I decided to bring him back to life in his own new series with a whole new look.
A series of comics based around the members of the HDcomics Forum.  Included here are two of the funniest comics at the site, HD INC. 2 and HD INC. 3.
Brad & Phil Series 3 kicks off immediately after the last series.  Make sure you have a read of The Teaser in Happydevil Quickies to get a little taste of where this series is heading.
Of Combine & Men is a little series that Glitch came up with and proposed to Near Elite to make it with him. I offered to help out since I find them both to be great comic makers. You can view their SmackJeeves website of the series here.
Unlike my other comics which are all of the Comedy genre, these comics are more "Serious" and touch on genres such as Drama and Thriller.
Ben Hasic 2006